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A visit to the F.A.R.M.

  I’ve done a lot over the past few weeks.  Starting in late September, I raced the Birmingham Stage Race, hopped a plane and ran a half marathon in California, returned and two weeks later ran the Crusher Ridge 42K, then less than a week later I paced a friend at the Pinhoti 100, running […]

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Six is a magic number!

The Top 6 Lists of Top 6 Runner Exercises

In the spirit of top 6 lists, that have become ubiquitous to the point of making me ill whenever I see another one posted (I’m looking at you Runners World and Competitor!), and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I thought I’d share the top 6 top 6 lists of best exercises for runners. 1. […]

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Perfect day for a trail run

The Gift of a D.N.F.

My dad taught me to always finish what I start.  When I was  8 and played pee wee football my team was undefeated.  The Center Point Rams lost two games in the team’s existence as it moved through the weight classes of youth football in the 1970s.  From 75 pounds to 125 pounds, the Rams […]

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Controversy at Chickamauga–Your thoughts??

You’ve likely seen this report about the women’s winner at Chickamauga this past weekend being DQd because her finish time was a virtual impossibility given her 13.1 split.  Read here and let me know what you think. This was my third marathon in 2010,  It is 2 loops around the Chickamauga Battlefield park, on a […]

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Please take my survey

I’ve put together a Running Shoe Brand Tag survey.  I got the idea after listening to a design podcast that discussed the development of brands, names, logos, and other things vital to creating a marketable product identity.  I thought it would be fun to do a survey about Running Shoe Brands.   Open the survey […]

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Where I’ve been…

  Took a couple of months off from this site to finish and revise a book manuscript (for my academic life) that had been languishing for several years after I became a Department Head.  I’ve submitted it to the press, secured a cover image, and acquired various rights and permission to use some formerly published […]

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Five: Monday, September 8

1. Nike has a training and treatment plane 2. I ran behind her for about a mile then she left me as we climbed an insane hill ( I suppose I should report on my last 2 races) 3. Sadly, “crop-fit” race was canceled. (HT to Running is Funny) (I’m waiting for the day when […]

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Five: Friday, September 5

1. Why so many themed races have failed lately 2. Elite field announced for Chicago 3. Great tips from Ultramarathon elites 4. Death valley puts an end to daytime races 5. Here’s a smile for Friday

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Five: Thursday, September 4

1. Finding comfort in discomfort 2. Does stretching loosen muscles or tendons? 3. The timing of “heel off” in different running shoes 4. Transitioning to fall marathon training 5. One parent’s take on the growth in High School Cross Country

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Five: Wednesday, September 3

1. 103 year old man challenges Usain Bolt to a race 2. This more a history of UltraAspire race vests and not a comprehensive history, but still a decent read 3. Don’t pants a US Marshall (HT to Running is Funny) 4. How soccer can make a runner faster 5. Can exercise cause ALS? (It can […]

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Five: Tuesday, September 2

1. A minimalist vacuum forming shoe 2. A glossary for 100-milers 3. How donating blood can have an impact on training and racing 4. The Camelbak hydration system, then and now 5. Is age-related decline in endurance sports inevitable?

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