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Now Departing Funk City, USA

The last 6 months have been hard for me as a runner.  I DNFd my March 50 miler attempt because I was undertrained on trails and just overheated and lacking mental toughness.  I struggled with summer running as it really hammered me on longer runs, and shorter ones, too.  I put on 7 pounds between […]

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Product review: Dynamic+ NoShow Compression socks

A couple of months ago CEP asked me if I’d like to sample a pair of their compression socks.  Not the full-length socks, mind you, but those made just for feet. Yes, just for feet. Too many runners, asserts CEP, runners assume that compression is primarily for the calves.  Sure CEP sells those, too, but […]

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In honor of National Dog Day

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It doesn’t take a Gofundme account to inspire kids

You want to inspire kids? You want me to give you money to do some 50 state ego tour/run/Tri/odyssey to inspire those kids. You don’t have to do some epic event that draws more attention to you than your cause. You just have to walk down the street and coach a local team. Or use […]

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If Dr Suess had to run in the Alabama summer

It is no secret at all that I despise hot weather running.  Yes, I’ve lived in the South all my life, but the high humidity and heat kills me.  It does for everyone, but I am a pretty good “heat whiner” about it all.  On a run this week, and covered in sweat barely a […]

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Repost: Three (untrue) things summer running makes me think

I wrote this in 2013.  I go through this song and dance in my head every summer, so I thought it worth a repost. ——– It happens every summer.  I tell myself I’ll remember what heat and humidity do to me.  I remind myself of the physiological benefits of running in this Alabama climate.  I […]

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I took this from the Tiux website because it best illustrates what I am trying to tell you about their business model.

Product Review: Tiux Compression Socks

[Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, please “like” the blog’s Facebook page found here] A few weeks ago I received an email from Steve Saepan of Tiux Premium Performance Compression Socks. I’m a sucker for a good compression sock or sleeve so I agreed to review a pair.  Not HIS socks, mind you. That would be […]

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With my younger brother after his first marathon.  Enjoyed watching his proud marathon shuffle!

Reflections from a Marathon Pace Group Leader

          I crossed the finish line in 4:59:14.  By simple time standards it was my slowest road marathon in 5 years. But other than when I completed my first marathon in 2009, it is among the most fulfilling.  I helped lead the 5 hour pace group for the 2015 Mercedes Marathon. […]

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I’m back baby! Brooks Launch 2 Review

  (If you haven’t already, please “like” the blog’s Facebook page.) If you’ve ever run in the Brooks Launch and liked it, then you get it.  And you know the lore of the Launch. The Brooks Launch was introduced in Fall 2009 to pretty great reviews.  Pete Larson at Runblogger loved it and made it […]

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Running Shoe Brand Tag Survey: Salomon

Few brands are so solidly identified with trail running as Salomon.  As you can see from the responses this holds true here, too.  Not only do you see trail specific responses, you also see brand identification with its highest profile Athlete, Killian Jornet.  Other responses are more mysterious.  Florida?   Just a reminder, if you […]

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Saucony Ride 7

Shoe Review: Saucony Ride 7

There was a time when I knew my shoe.  Without doubt or equivocation I could tell you exactly what I wore and how long I’d been running in it.  I was a Brooks Ghost man through thick and thin. It took a lot to get there  I started out as a much heavier dude in […]

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