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Five: Friday, August 22

1. I love this post so much 2. Women’s guide to safety while trail running 3. How to talk like a trail runner 4. This guys is local to me and I love this blog of his 5. Ways to beat the mid-season blues   JUST SAW THIS:  Leadville win “tainted”

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Five: Thursday, August 21

1. Rob Krar’s Leadville Strava file (mile 95, he ran a 7:28.  Not human) 2. Hoka giveaway on Peter Larson’s blog.  Go for it. 3. Is this really the craziest marathon? 4. Now THIS looks interesting! 5. Fitness quotes brought to you by bears

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Five: Wednesday, August 20

1. Better push-ups for better running 2. Sometime’s Remy’s humor is a little dumb, but this made me chuckle 3. Nice video from Leadville 4. Moving with my heart 5. Drones over leadville

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Five: Monday, August 18

1. 40 year old mom of 2 wins gold at Euro championships 2. This applies in running, coaching, and in any profession: “What’s your bias?” 3. He removed his shirt while winning the race, then was disqualified 4. Rob Krar wins Leadville 5. Six ways people make running harder than it has to be

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Five: Friday, August 15

1. Tour de Basement 2. Heart rate monitoring earbuds 3. Beware the keyboard coaches 4. The downside of running with others 5. Ultra traces the path of the Berlin Wall, 100 miles

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Five: Thursday, August 14

1. Reinvented running blades for paralympians 2. How to get the benefits of altitude training, without going to altitude 3. The state of men’s olympic marathoning  4. H/T to Running is Funny for this: Robin Williams on East Arican marathoners 5. Robin Williams’ connection to running

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Five: Wednesday, August 13

1. How non-local fatigue affects legs 2. I’m trying to be better about this. 3. The best running exercise that no one is doing 4. How exercise helps us tolerate pain 5. Preseason training

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Shoe Review: Skora Fit

What’s a Skora? skóra is a polish word that means “skin” or leather” and is used to represent the brand’s next to skin style. I first heard of Skora shoes back in 2012 when my friend Mike, the Dirtdawg, reviewed one of their early iterations and interviewed Skora CEO David Sypniewski for his podcast. I enjoyed the […]

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Five: Monday, August 11

1. What happens when we take a break form running 2. Does static stretching improve flexibility? 3. Incredible mileage totals at 6 days 4. The crazy running life of Harvey Lewis 5. Longs Peak radical slam

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Five: Friday, August 8

1. Race medics give ten tips for ultra running success 2. Just Running 3. Best new outdoor gear from Outdoor Retailer show 4. Dogon a slackline 5. No shortcuts (not even if Runners EWorld tries to seek them to you)

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Five: Thursday, August 7

1. “This is your reality, or is it?” 2. Five tips for planning a racing schedule 3. Traci Falbo…is incredible If you recall, a few weeks ago Tim Olson finished the Hardrock 100 in stead of dropping when he felt ill.  Some elites drop, some finish.  The next two links are new perspectives on this […]

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