In case you missed them the first time:


Five: Thursday, July 31

1. Great report by Lisa from Hotter ‘n Hell Trail race (from near where I live) 2. Common running injuries and how to fix them 3. Existing and Writing. Part 3 4. Downhill rhythm 5. Here you go ladies: a hair clip multi-tool

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Five: Wednesday, July 30

1. Brooks get a shiny new HQ 2. Running just 5 minutes a day adds to your lifespan 3. Existing and Writing, Part 1 4. Existing and Writing, Part 2 5. Fastpacking the Tahoe 200

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Five: Tuesday, July 29

1. Ultramarathon burn survivor finally gets settlement payment 2. I’ve linked this before, but never not funny 3. Singing while running?  Without sounding like an oaf? 4. Which is better for weight loss: moderate or intense exercise? 5. The process of endurance training

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Five: Monday, July 28

1. Seems like there’s a rash of ITB injuries this rummer. This is the 4th piece on the subject in the last month 2. The Sumo run 3. This is funny.  But I hope he’s ok 4. SF Marathon was this past weekend 5. This is so scary

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Five: Friday, July 25

1. This is hilarious 2. Really enjoyed this from Peter Larson 3. Good tips for beginning trail running 4. I only link this because it is devoid of any useful info.  An example of a “info post” that hides (badly) product placement for a sponsor. 5. Mary Cain winds gold in 3000M at world juniors

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Five: Thursday, July 24

1. Vibram trying to reboot after PR and lawsuit fiasco 2. How your arms help you run 3. The benefits of discomfort 4. Here is your Badwater 135 winner 5. The art of recovery

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Five: Wednesday, July 23

1. Photo gallery from Badwater 2. This Hardrock report reads like a short story 3. The Spirit of the Race 4. Training the mind 5. What is a mountain?

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Five: Tuesday, July 22

1. Cool story about Hardrock 2. Jogger’s heel 3. ITB syndrome 4. 48-year old man runs sub-4:20 mile 5. Effect of listening to music while running

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Five: Monday, July 21

1. We are all guilty of impatience in training at some point 2.  Saw this over the weekend.  Thoughts? 3. You are starting your ultra way too fast.   (I am so guilty of this) 4. This is just like what Bart Yasso does at RW. So get ready to start running your “Keflezighi 800s” 5. […]

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Five: Friday, July 18

1. Steve Speirs highlighted on Merrell’s website 2. Nice profile of Tim Olson, even though the race is over and he didn’t do as well as he hoped (but major kudos for finishing, when many elites would’ve dropped). 3. One of many reasons not to run hurdles 4. Homeless man prepares to run SF marathon. […]

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Mizuno since 2010: Growing a brand and community (part 2)

    To begin his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell wrote of the mystery of Roseto, a small Italian town to the south of Rome.  In the late 1890s, a small group Rosetans immigrated to the US and settled in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Over the next few decades hundreds more Rosetans moved to Bangor leaving […]

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