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Why trail running? This

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Scenes from the Trail: Mountain Mist 50K, January 2016

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Brooks new Trail Collection

Review: Brooks Trail Running Apparel

Brooks has had a foot in the trail running scene for quite some time with its flagship trail shoe the Cascadia, now in its 11th iteration.  Along with the Puregrit series, the Adrenaline ASR and the newer Mazama lightweight trail racing shoe, brooks is showing an increased devotion to the trail. Now they’re producing trail-specific […]

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Review: Brooks Launch 3

[See My view of the Launch 2 here]   For a shoe that was on the cutting line a couple of years ago, the Brooks Launch has enjoyed quite a resurgence. The Launch 2 updated the shoe with the most recent Brooks shoe technology.  The Launch 3 offers little revision from the second version of […]

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Brooks Neuro Review: Not Your Father’s Brooks

I can’t remember when Brooks came out with an entirely new shoe model since before the Pure Project series.  That’s the kind of cool thing about Brooks, they don’t go chasing the newest fad just because everyone else is doing it.  Case in point: Brooks hasn’t yet joined the max cushion movement, especially in trail […]

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“Don’t let me not savor these moments:” Lake Martin 100

“If something is easy how much reward is there?” –David Horton, Barkleys Finisher “You can’t really tell how much you can do until you try to do something that’s more.” –Lazarus Lake, Barkleys Founder “I will never ever do a 100 mile race.  Nothing will change my mind.”– Gordon Harvey (July 2010) When I first […]

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Reclaiming an Analog Life

There was a period about two years ago, when iPad was booming and everyone had to have one, where I decided I’d go all in on the digital lifestyle.  I’d leave pen and paper behind and have all my notes and information at my fingertips. That worked for a while, but I soon found that […]

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You’re No Spring Chicken

“Your destination is on the right.” No, its not, Google Maps, there is no destination on my right.  Only a field, I think.  I can’t see farther than 15 feet outside the car because I’m atop some random California mountain at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night.  I forgot my wallet.  I’m driving the car […]

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Love the red.  Also have a pair in Green/blue

Shoe Review: New Balance NB 980 Trail

Yes, I know NB has released an update to this shoe (the Hierro), and any good reviewer wouldn’t publish a review of an “outdated” shoe.  But I love this trail shoe.  The love needs to be shared When I first started running trails, and given that I was a Brooks man through and through, I […]

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I've worn Ghosts for a long time.  This picture is missing 5 pair that I got rid of before this pic

Shoe review: Brooks Ghost 8

This is one of several reviews that I have been meaning to write since this summer.  It has been a crazy busy summer and fall for me and I’ve also published an academic book (my day job is professor of history and department chair) and reading galley proofs, securing photo rights, and taking care of […]

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"I'm the slow ultra runner of the world!"

18 Miles along the Pinhoti Trail

I met some trail friends for a run along the Pinhoti Trail this morning.  Some were having their final long run before the Pinhoti 100 in two weeks.  Others, like me, were in the build phases for races a little further down the calendar. This is a section of the Pinhoti that I’d never run […]

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