Monday was a rest day, but Tuesday I was back at it. 3 miles for the rest of the week until next Sunday when I run 6 for the first time in my life. Good run today. Started off slower than usual to get warmed up, then picked up the pace in Mile 2 and really poured it on in the last half mile. Ran the 3 mile circuit in 32 minutes. I can see how this training program is gradual and good for me. A few weeks ago a 3 mile run would have taken me close to 40 minutes or so. I am now able to hold an 11 min./mile pace over multiple miles. This is what I want for my half-marathon. Started raining in mile 2 and it felt nice and cool. Summer in LA has yet to really begin, so I will soak up as much cool as I can until then.

One thing I have noticed–I need more sleep. In the past I could get by with 6 hours, but I must have at least 7 before any running day!

I cannot wait until mid-June. I am driving about 100 miles to a Fleet Feet Sports for a gait analysis and shoe fitting. I think I am flat footed, mild supinator. My feet kind of curl in ward while lifting off the ground, but when I strike, I strike on the outside of the heel and roll inward, but I am not sure if they roll all the way to a neutral position. And I can tell you it is difficult to analyze your own gait while on a run. Most definitely NOT a pronator. I have been running in neutral shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus VII, which are recommended for feet and weight like mine: flat feet, neutral, heavier runner. They are a good shoe, but I want someone who knows what they are talking about to analyze me.

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