Vacation running and new shoes

I have been at the beach on vacation for 9 days. I did run, though, while there and had some pretty good runs. I was strongly advised not to run on the sand, as it can lead to injuries, so I ran on the roads across the street from our condo. The only problem is that those gulf breezes that might cool me down on 90+ degree days were absent, blocked by all the big condos. So it was HOT. But I still rose every morning between 5:30 and 6 and got my runs in. In fact, I ran about 31 miles over 10 day period–my highest mileage output to date. Of course, I have developed a slight case of achilles tendonitis–soreness along the tendon or at least the sheath that houses the tendon). I could feel it “pulling” a little last week on my runs, but it often disappeared as I got warm on runs. After an 8 mile run this past Sunday, it remained sore, and was sore into Monday, a rest day. So I iced it, wrapped it, rested it, and am laying off of running through Tuesday and may do a couple of miles Wednesday if I wake up and find no sorenes or tenderness.

On the way back from vacation we stopped in Jackson, Miss. and were treated like kings at Fleet Feet Sports there. I wanted to get my gait analyzed and get a new pair of shoes. I have been running in neutral shoes (Asics Gel Nimbus 7) but was worried that I might be doing damage if I was not a neutral gait as my runs climbed above 9 miles. They hooked me up on a treadmill and videoed my gait and we discovered that I am a moderate pronator. So, the guy, Jason, brought out several pairs of shoes that provide stability and motion control. Here is where I was impressed: He did NOT bring out the most expensive shoes first. He brought out mid-line shoes, under 100 dollars, then he ASKED ME if I wanted to see some more, higher line shoes, and warned me they were more expensive. I love that. First, it treats me with respect because he is not just after commission. Second, if I knew nothing about shoes, he could have easily taken advantage of me. He didn’t. I respect that and will return to them for my business, even though they are 100 miles away.

What shoe did i get? Brooks Trance 7. The choice came down to Asics Gel Kayano or the Trance and I wanted to try a different make than Asics to see what shoes are best or me. I love them and have been walking around in them before I make runs. They feel great.


  1. How is the fiber/protein thing going? I did the Disney half-marathon in 2005 and haven’t run since, so I really need a new goal. You’ve inspired me to start training again! I’m sorry you’re not running Disney in ‘o8! Maybe I’ll see you in ’09! 🙂

  2. The fiber/protein thing is nice and smooth. it doesn’t feel like dieting. And i need to correct what i wrote, the fiber and protein must equal or exceed 5 grams per serving. I drink boat loads of water and even when I ran little while injred. I still maintained and lost a little weight

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