I’m afraid

I’ll admit that as the date for my running re-start approaches, I have been hit with all sorts of anxiety. Will I be fully recovered? Have I sat out long enough? What if I “feel” something while I run?

I’m a little afraid of feeling or experiencing the worst case scenario of more pain. Of course, my “trainer” (who happens to be the person who finished 12th in the world in the Olympic Distance triathlon in 40-44 age group. Way to go Lisa!) says to take it real slow. Go to a track, run the straights, walk the curves. The track surface is flat, stable, and will allow me to get back slowly. I’ll do this for a couple of weeks. (I don’t know how long I’ll walk the curves, though.)

I am eager to return to running. I really want to do the St Jude’s half on Dec 1 (see my countdown clock?) and become a St. Jude “hero” and raise money for my run for the hospital. So say a little prayer, mostly that I remain healthy and forget this anxiety junk and am able to run this great race for an even greater cause.

By the way–Polar foot pod arrives today, which happens to be my wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Marie! You are “thirty-something years old!

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  1. I agree with your friend – take it easy and slow – take time to warm up, stretch and run easy. Your confidence will build, and you will do that half marathon!

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