15 days

The Dallas Big D half is only 15 days away. I am officially nervous.

This has not been the best of weeks. A rough work week. The Sunday 12-miler was a blow to my confidence. I bonked, had all sorts of IT band pain, and wondered whether I had any business running. The massage therapist is not worried and worked me over pretty good. I just have to stick with a dedicated stretching routine before and after runs. I ran only 3 miles this week after Sunday, some from recovery, some from fatigue. My family is still out of town, so I haven’t slept well all week. Plus I had to do a pretty early TV appearance for my university. It boggles my mind that i can roll out of bed at 5 to run, but having to go on TV that early is tiring.

Ran a good three miles this morning. Slow mile 1, fast mile 3. No pain on any front. Good run at a good time. I run 8 this Sunday then start tapering for the race.

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