Me like the shoes & Superpower rules debate

First activity this morning with my new Brooks Beasts. I like them. They are really a departure from my worn out Brooks. I guess you don’t really notice how bad the old shoes were until you add some new ones. Wahoo said that in the comments of my last post and he’s exactly right.

I walked for 30 minutes. Then ran 3/4 mile trying to calibrate my foot pod. I felt good. But it did feel weird running again after 2 weeks of no running at all. But the shoes felt good. As my feet get used to support once more, they will be great. I like the fact that I went up another .5 size to 11.5. Lots of room and no toe bumpage at the end of the toe cap.

Here is a more pressing item. My kids were arguing over breakfast the other day about the rules of superpowers. They were choosing and adopting their favorite superpowers (flight, invisibility, x-ray vision, speed–sorry Dan and Nik, there was no discussion of smelling into the future. I am afraid you have a monopoly on that power.) and my oldest son (the rule maker) told my youngest (the rebel) that he could not choose a superpower that was already taken. In short, if 8-year-old chose flight, then 6-year-old couldn’t have flight. The argument escalated, words and accusations flew. Dad then shut down the discussion and suspended all superpowers. So, here’s my question. Is it allowable for two kids to choose the same super power?


  1. 2 kids can have the same superpowers, as long as they use them together for the common good!The other approach is to convince the younger that having a different super power is even better than flying…. if they are well convinced the older one might want to change their mind.

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