Episode 17: D23, Web 2.0, adventures with the boys

Gordon gets back to rambling about Disney’s new D23 “club,” has weird conversations with his sons, receives nice voice mails and birthday wishes from listeners, catches a cold, and does enough speed work to kill a horse.

Running in Disneyland and Disney World Endurances races (1/2 or full marathon) in a calendar year?
Check this out:

If you haven’t left feedback on iTunes, please do so. The show is (as of April 13) ranked 14th among the “amateur sports and recreation” category. Who know what it will be tomorrow.

Nice links. Please visit and leave copious comments:

I Run Because I Can

The World According to Nick

Going Goofy

The Road to the 2011 Disney Marathon



  1. Just wanted to say I’m loving the podcast, Gordon! I’m starting from the beginning so you have not run the Disney Marathon. Hope to catch up while on my own runs soon.

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