Four Things Before Friday

Yes, I am ripping off other bloggers, who do a “Three Things Thursday” post. So to avoid the scorn and shunning and ostracization, I will call mine “Four Things Before Friday”.  That title stinks so bad, that I am sure no one has thought to use it before!

1) The more we complain about the heat and humidity, the more it will affect our runs BEFORE we start them. It is summer time. Don’t like the heat? Get up early or just stop running. It is here to stay. Know that these conditions make us stronger.

2) I love the way my 9-year-old looks in his new eyeglasses.  He is nearsighted like dad, and he looks so cute in them. (But don’t tell him I said he was cute. He’d hurt me.)

3) I have a serious craving for potato soup.

4) I swam 2,000 yards non-stop last night. Farthest I’ve gone yet.


  1. First I happen to like the title because I always have things I need to get done before Friday. Second, congrats on your swim…that’s awesome! And last – now I’m craving potato soup! Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

  2. Yeah, but I LOVE the Winter! I love running in the Winter weather, especially blizzards, and I NEVER complain about running in the Winter. I still have the fat-kid self-image as well as metabolism. As such, Summer running is MISERABLE for me. I did take MOST of the Summer off of running last year, but with the Vermont 50 on my schedule I simply can’t afford to do so this year (or I would, believe me). My schedule as a firefighter with a wife that works full-time on overnights (always until 7a) and two young kids (one of which is 9 mos), simply doesn’t allow me to wake-up at 430/5am to get my runs in (or I would). Unfortunately for me, I am usually forced into squeezing-in my runs in the heat of the day, but occasionally I am afforded the luxury of a late afternoon/early evening run. Not that I complain a lot, but should I feel like it, I feel I should be allowed to complain about running in the heat or the rain as loudly as I can simply because I never complain about the Winter or snow. It’s those of us who complain about running in all kinds of weather that make it hard for us with legitimate beefs to be obnoxious about it in our blogs, tweets, and dailymile posts. 😉

    1. Oh, I know. Runners are like Ph.D.s (I am a member of both groups) and it seems to be a rite of passage to complain. I just whine about the heat to my dog! Who then points out that he wears a fur coat and I don’t. No love from my own dog! LOL

  3. BAHAHAHA! Damn dog! Being that my dog is the only other male in the household, I often find myself complaining to him too. He usually just looks at me as if to say “You’re on your own dude! Shoulda’ thought of that before you had my nuts cut-off!” But seriously, my earlier response was fairly tongue-in-cheek. You won’t see me complaining much, if ever, I’ve learned it never does any good and nobody wants to hear it anyway!

    1. Typically, I find myself mid-run at 5:30 AM sweltering thinking: “How %^&*$# early do I have to get up to escape this crap?!”

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