Five Questions (Part 5 of 5): Caleb Masland

This is the last of a special Five Questions interview with someone I admire greatly.  Caleb Masland is, by all accounts, an incredible running coach and one hell of a runner. His story is one that speaks to runners at all levels.  His ability to recover from knee injury to full strength and speed (1:10 half marathon and 2:30 marathon!) is inspiring. And I hope to one day follow in his coaching footsteps.  (Click his name above for his full bio.)  You should follow him on facebook and twitter.  You can find him on Instagram at Caleb Masland, as well as follow posts on Twitter and Instagram by members of  his team with the hashtag #TeamWickedBonkproof.  He publishes a daily coaching tip that I often include in my five links for the day.  He is a connection well worth making.

I’ll be 47 in April.  So I am well into what we would call “Masters” running.  So as I age, even though I am fitter than I’ve ever been, and eat healthier than ever, I must remain cognizant of the changes in my body as I train for marathons and beyond.  What I did with Caleb is ask him a series of questions about the masters runner.  How does one coach a masters runner?  What changes should masters runners expect?  And so on.  Since these are lengthy, I decided to post one Q&A each day this week.  I hope you enjoy. Many thanks to Caleb for doing this.


5)This really doesn’t apply to masters running, but I want to throw this fun one out there for you:  is there an elite/pro runner out there that you have thought “I’d LOVE to write a plan for that person. To see what we could do together.”

I’ve done a lot of volunteer work with Ryan and Sara Hall, so naturally it would be a lot of fun to put a training program together for Ryan’s next big marathon. I think it would be a ton of fun to work with someone who is just getting established on the professional scene. One local athlete (to me) is Tyler Pennel with Reebok ZAP Fitness. He is in excellent hands with Pete Rea, though. Mark my words…he’s going to be a big deal on the road racing scene sometime in the next 2 years, and for a while thereafter. Tons of talent just now coming to the surface! Right now, though, I’m looking to get some people from “regular Joe” to Olympic Trials caliber.

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