Five Questions: Sean Astin


You’ve seen Sean Astin in critically acclaimed and cult classic films, from the Goonies to Rudy to Lord of the Rings.  Currently he hosts a podcast called Vox Populi Radio, a bi-partisan political talk show where all views are welcome.  It is Sean’s aim to create a forum for civil discourse.  Lord knows we could use a little more of that these days.

Sean’s also an avid runner.  He’s run the LA Marathon several times, and loves the 13.1 distance, as well as Disney races.  Like the rest of us, if he doesn’t get a run in he doesn’t feel right.

I ‘m grateful he agreed to answer Five Questions.

1) You have starred in some of the most popular films of the last 30 years.  Highly inspirational characters or popular characters from fiction fantasy, or childhood roles that you’re always remembered for.   From the Goonies, to Rudy, to Samwise, is there one character above  the others that you will be called when recognized on a run? As big a compliment as your lasting fame is, do you sometimes want to say, thanks so much, but my name’s Sean?

No way. It’s a blessing. I just keep moving forward, hopefully staying interesting and making new memories.

2) You’ve been running for more than 2 decades, and I read that you started running after an invitation from a friend’s dad.  Did you do any running before that? High school? or was that your first real involvement in the sport?

Actually, I was 14 when Todd Faulkner invited me to run that 10k with him. I don’t remember too much longish distance running before that. I was an active kid, so, he must have just thought I’d be alright. I did run Cross-Country at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica. It was awesome, a total challenge. I got my varsity letter running in only one varsity race. I did terribly. But it was a dream. I regular Rudy Running Story, ha!

3) Is there a race or a location that’s on your running bucket list?


4) Is there a distance or race length that is “home” for you.  For me, I love the marathon because of how it transformed my life.  What’s your “home distance?”

I guess it’s the half. Someone said to me last year that the half is the new 10k. I can blast through a great half and feel fine the next day. A marathon takes much longer to recover from. 5k’s and 10k’s are great, though I don’t feel warmed up until mile 8.

5) is there a piece of running gear you can’t run without?

Well, 95% of my runs since summer of 2007 have been logged on Nike+. So, I feel tethered to my iPhone. Mixed blessing… The music makes time fly, I use it 75% of the time.


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