Five: Monday, September 8

1. Nike has a training and treatment plane

2. I ran behind her for about a mile then she left me as we climbed an insane hill ( I suppose I should report on my last 2 races)

3. Sadly, “crop-fit” race was canceled. (HT to Running is Funny) (I’m waiting for the day when the new fad on running is actually just running, no obstacles, no weight belts, just you and a course.)

4. Kara Goucher and Desi Linden enter the NY Marathon

5. Pete Larson reviews the Hoka Clifton

1 Comment

  1. Re: #2 – Yes, you should report on your last two races. Slacker.

    Also, would like some advice on my 2015 goal of doing a 50K at 50 (so, a race after March 20). I’m willing to travel for it, but I’m not sure what’s out there that’s “easy” for a first-timer. Thoughts?



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