Controversy at Chickamauga–Your thoughts??

You’ve likely seen this report about the women’s winner at Chickamauga this past weekend being DQd because her finish time was a virtual impossibility given her 13.1 split.  Read here and let me know what you think.

This was my third marathon in 2010,  It is 2 loops around the Chickamauga Battlefield park, on a partially closed course with lots of opportunities to manipulate your time.  This is a small race with not a lot of course marshaling, or timing mats.

Battlefield Marathon Winner Disqualified

Another article is here


  1. Had she run a marathon anywhere close to a 2:55 or a half close to 1:20 at any point, then her story would have more credibility to me. However, 4:25 to 2:55 is an ENORMOUS and totally unbelievable PR, regardless of how much training she did.

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