Product review: Dynamic+ NoShow Compression socks

IMG_7719A couple of months ago CEP asked me if I’d like to sample a pair of their compression socks.  Not the full-length socks, mind you, but those made just for feet. Yes, just for feet. Too many runners, asserts CEP, runners assume that compression is primarily for the calves.  Sure CEP sells those, too, but they’re trying get the message to runners that it’s not just the calves that need compression and support. Your feet need support as well.   Hence the Dynamic+ NoShow Compression socks.

CEP's Dynamic+ No Show Compression socks
CEP’s Dynamic+ No Show Compression socks

CEP introduced these socks over the summer.  They’ve taken the footbed of their popular full-length compression socks and created a no show sock for people like me, who need and like support for the feet, especially on long runs, without having to wear a full-length sleeve, which I don’t always do.  Full-length compression for me is a “use it when needed” proposition.  CEP has done those of us who don’t live in our compression socks a huge favor.  And for those of us who live in, shall we say, hot-as-hell climates, this is a Godsend.  Being able to go with “naked calves” in the summer but without giving up foot compression and support is nice.

I received these socks gratis in early July and waited a while before writing this. Not only have I run upwards of 200 miles in the socks, but my family took a vacation to Disney World in late July and I was eager to see how these worked for long days on my feet touring the parks.  At Disney, depending on the park, I typically walk close to 30,000 steps a day, which included a 3-5 mile run each morning.  In comparing the CEP socks with my run-of-the-mill no-show socks I could tell a big difference. My feet felt less beat up, and well–flat, at the end of the day.  They worked as they should.  And rightly so. CEP isn’t just some sports company that throws untested compression at you with cool colors and flash.  They have their roots in the medical industry in anti-embolism prevention.  They’ve manufactured this gear for decades.  They know their stuff.   

I’ve two pair of their longer compression socks and have never had reason to complain.  I’ve worn them in ultras and in half marathons.  CEP does compression right.  Scrolling through their website I noticed that they also do apparel compression, shorts, tights, etc.  It would be an interesting comparison between my CW-X tights and a CEP tights.  Anyone have CEP tights? If so, comment below and let me know what you think.

These socks are great. But I suggest using them with shoes for maximum efficiency

Order a pair and thank me later.  Before you order, check out their sizing instructions at the links below.  Makes a big difference in how they work.  Measure incorrectly and you miss out on the benefits the socks have to offer.

Here is  link to the specifics in terms of sizing and cost as well as a full list of the benefits CEP touts for this socks.  Men’s.  Women’s.








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