Welcome to this new blog. In December, I found that I suffered from high blood pressure. This is due primarily to weight (I was very overweight, but had been a regular exerciser) and family history. My doctor, also a good friend, advised me–urged me–to lose weight. The BP now is under control thanks to meds, and I started running again and eating better, the result of which has been my loss of 17 pounds from December through the end of March 2007. I have another 26 to go before I reach my goal weight of 200 pounds.

To keep myself motivated, I have decided to come under the tutelage of a dear colleague (a fine triathlete herself and an all-around great person to be around), who has agreed to train me for a half-marathon–specifically the Disney Half-Marathon in January, 2008–hence the title of this blog. This blog will serve as a training journal, as it were, of my quest for better health and my plan to run 13 miles in Disney early next year.

I am also a soccer ref, so I may throw a few ref stories and links into the mix.

I welcome your feedback and I hope you will join me in what is not only my first blog, but what will be my first half-marathon.


  1. Hey – I have goals too! I'm running the Marathon in 2014, and I'm just training for the 5K Family Fun Run in Epcot next January. This is for the support of autism.

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