The 5K

My younger brother called me on Sunday and asked if I wanted to run in a 5K with him this coming weekend (April 7). The run is in Birmingham–The Christ Church United Methodist Church Run to the Cross. He has also returned to running as means of ensuring that we live long enough to see our kids get really, really old.

Two things concern me here: first, this is my first-ever real race. To this point I have run alone and without the pressure of a competitive environment. Plus, it has hills. Where I live there are no hills. So I guess that’ll be an new experience.
Two: it is supposed to be cold. The low Friday night in Birmingham will be 37! I guess it could have been 90 degrees for the race. So I choose cold over hot anytime.

Runner’s World ( had a nice article last month on the one-week training program for a 5K. It is designed to get someone ready to race in 7 days. I have been following that program to gear up.

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