New shorts

I was in “Ross-Dress for Less” a few weeks back and found a nice pair of New Balance running shorts for very cheap. They are made of the new “lightning dry” material and are very light. They feature a “phantom waistband” that is designed not to chafe or blister over long runs. I liked them so much I wanted some more running shorts and tried some UnderArmour shorts designed for running that I purchased from the local sporting goods store. I got them home and found that they had the largest, roughest seam running right down the middle of my, er, umm, private area…that I could only imagine the intense pain from that seam on that delicate area over 13 miles. I really didn’t see these shorts “protecting my house”, so I took them back and ordered some New Balance Vega Shorts made of the same material as the other shorts from Ross. Nice fit. Here is an image of the Vega short.

Here is an embarrassing question. They feature a very soft liner/brief. Do I treat these shorts like a bathing suit and run in only the liner and shorts or do I wear underwear too? I am embarrassed to ask, but I’d really like to know!

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