Easy Week

Given my heavy activity last weekend, including a 5K, I took this week easy. My wife was out of town as well, which meant I had full responsibility for my boys, which reduced the amount of time I could run. I had two 3 mile runs, mixed with one day of weights for lower body. On Wednesday I ran for 38 minutes, then measured the distance. Just over 3 miles at 3.2. My friend Lisa said it is easier for beginners to run based on time, rather than distance. She is exactly right. Not worrying about how far I have left to run allows me to enjoy the run more.

Friday, a day after nasty weather, forced me inside on the treadmill. I ran a quick 3 miles, then hurried to be with my son at a Dad’s Day BBQ at his magnet school.

I’ll make a nice long run on Sunday (Today is Saturday), since my wife returns tonight and I can get some alone time.

I am still 20 pounds down from Christmas. Currently at 223. I have hovered here for a few weeks. One reason is that reffing soccer has taken me out of my running routine. The other is that I have had more than a few end-of-the-year luncheons (I am a professor) and some job search candidate dinners. So, I am finally back to normal, schedule-wise and will get back to my yogurt and granola lunches. My goal is to reach 220 by end of May, and 215 by end of June. I weighed 243 in December. My long-term goal is 190. I’ll have a party when I reach 200, though. Things I’ve lost: two waist sizes, the need to wear XXL shirts, knee pain, and the list keeps growing.

Here is a shout out to my dear friend, Richard, who is in his last month stationed in Iraq. I miss him dearly and pray for him a lot. He should be home soon and I plan to, as he is oft heard saying, “to kill the fatted calf” when I see him again. He is the most noble man I have ever met, and loyal to the core. To know Richard is a unique privilege. His only flaw is his North Carolina BBQ elitism, which runs rampant through his blood.

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