Sunday–the six miler

I was a little nervous about this run. I’ve never run that far in any one session in my life. So I was anxious and excited. To save you the suspense–I had the best run I’ve had in a month. I started slow, watching my HR, never going above 80. For the first 4 miles on a beautiful Sunday morning (about 6:30) I ran, enjoyed the sightly neighborhoods, and loved life. The final two miles were faster, with me really kicking it in in the last 1/2 mile or so. I felt great. Tired but great. No injury issues, except one, that I’ll get into later. But I am jazzed. I ran my 6 miles in 73 minutes. Not fast, by any means, but pleasing to me.

Okay. The injury. My right nipple is killing me. I was so sweaty and hot, that my running shirt rubbed my nipple raw. I had to wear a band-aid for the rest of the day. I am off to the local bike store to buy some “body glide”, but does any one have nipple safety recommendations?

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