An old student

Went to the local bike shop today to purchase some body glide for my, err, uhm, chafing problem on long runs. To protect his privacy I’ll call him Nathaniel Kormodi. He took a class of mine a few years ago. Good kid, smart, and fun to mess with. He is a biker–a pedal biker, that is. He also told me he ran a half-marathon a few weeks ago while in Wisconsin. We were sharing war stories and eating tips while on long runs/bikes and he opined that unless one goes for more than 2 hours, just eat some fig newtons during the exercise. Of course, bikers, with their fancy shirts, have all the room in the world to store newtons. My shorts have no pockets, so I really don’t want to think about eating newtons stuffed in my socks!

I also bought some gels for the next long run. I’ll give the body glide a try tomorrow and give you a report.

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