Week 2, no running. I am going crazy

Just completed my second visit to the massage therapist. He says my achilles and calf region looks all better. I have been stretching and getting back into my yoga and this had made the difference. I am still laying off running for another week to let it heal completely. But the wait is killing me. The elliptical trainer is fine and all, but it is no substitute for running. Doing thirty minutes on it feels like three hours: booring.

I did buy another pair of Brooks Trance, this time the on-sale Trance 6, which was 50 bucks off at http://www.runningwarehouse.com, plus FREE 2-day shipping. Can’t beat that. I’ll alternate the two pair of Brooks to extend their life, IF I can survive another boring elliptical week.

On the good news side, I found a wonderful podcast and blog this week: Running Adventure (http://marathonchris.blogspot.com). The podcast is called Running Adventure and can be found on iTunes. Check it out and tell Chris you enjoy it.


  1. An elliptical is no substitute for actual running, but if you’re on the mend, then it’s worth it. New shoes should also help a lot. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks, Tom. Yup. Elliptical was the only thing I could do to relieve stress on the achilles. I wanted to bike, but I was afraid that might not be helpful.

  3. Hi Shadwell,I saw your pic on my blog and am glad you like Running Adventures. As I have been busy with life and kid adventures lately, the next edition is probably about a week away!Sorry I won’t see you at Disney this January but am glad you will give it a go in 2009. It is a fun race to do and was a great first marathon for me.I am like you, the elliptical is my alternative when my PF acts up. It still gets the heart rate going and pushes the quads pretty well.Glad you will be getting back out on the road. Hope you had a good run today!

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