Well, my two-week forced-rest period is over and I run tomorrow! I am nervous and excited and anxious and ready to go. But I kind of don’t want to go because I am afraid I might feel pain again. It will be an easy three, with as many walk breaks as I need. Taking it sloooooooooowwwwwwww. I’m running nothing over 4 miles this week and will run two days, break, run two more, break, run two more.

Since the Disney Marathon weekend is out this year for me and my fmily, I am planning on running in Memphis at the St. Jude marathon. I am also seriously considering becoming a St. Jude Hero and commit to raising money for the hospital. I just want to be sure my achilles is okay.

I’ll report on tomorrow’s run. eep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer.

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