Where has the time gone?

Wow. It has been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry. I assumed an administrative position this year and am coaching my son’s soccer team. Time is short.

I am still on the track in week 6 of achilles recovery. I am up to running three laps before walking a lap. No pain, but knees and hips are getting reacquainted with running again. I returned to soccer refereeing last week and all went well. I have been reffing small-field games and have had no problems with the achilles. I’ll ref a high school (JV) game next week, and that’ll be my big test. Running for 70 minutes after 14 year old girls (that would sound horrible if it weren’t a soccer game!) will test my recovery.

I ordered my first set of running tights (Asics Myles Tights). They should be here in a few days. Never had “tights” and I am kind of nervous about wearing them. But given the time change and the fact that I run at 5:30 AM, no one should be able to see me in them! They were only 30 dollars. I feel this is another step in my immersion into “real runner” status. I figure that if you buy a set of tights, then you must be a runner. Here’s a question. What does one wear UNDER the tights. All my running shorts have liners, so undies have not been an issue for a while. I am NOT going commando! Help.

As the weather here in the Deep South turns cooler (44 degrees this morning) I find running easier and see that my heart rate is dropping. I did my first 3-lap interval this morning at sub-5K pace and at the completion of the third lap, my watch said my HR was 70% of max. Wow! In July (100 degrees, 99% humidity) 1/4 mile would have had my HR at 80-85%.

I have pretty much ruled out the St. Jude’s marathon or half. I am nowhere near ready for a 5K, much less 13.1 miles. That’s okay. I am freeing myself from the pressure of self-imposed deadlines. Enjoy the run, not the destination. That’s the new motto.


  1. Glad to hear you are getting back on the road again. And your attitude about the race is great. When you are ready you will enjoy it so much more.Hmmm, I can’t answer the tights question – I don’t wear runner tights – in cooler weather I have 3/4 length looks running pants I wear. I have a pair of tights I wore a long time ago – and wore just regular underwear underneath. If you are feeling self conscious you could wear running shorts OVER them. But that may be goofy….I don’t do tight running clothing – not flatter for me 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that you won’t be making it to St. Jude’s. I would have loved to meet you!I am so glad that things are picking up for you. You deserve it!

  3. I wear regular underwear under my running tights. I also wear a pair of lightweight track pants over the tights. I just can’t bring myself to be out running in just the tights. In warm weather I always run wearing a pair of compression shorts with another pair of shorts over top of them.Glad to hear you are recovering from your injury – nohting is more frustrating than when your mind is ready to run and your body fails you!Keep your head up and keep running!

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