A mile–finally!

Sunday began my “mile week.” I ran a mile (on the track) without stopping. I did a build up. Walk two laps, run one. Walk a lap, run two. Walk a half-lap, run a mile. Walk one lap, run two laps. Cool down.

No pain during or after the run. I felt great. I “think” I am ready, after this week, to move maybe off the track.

I also started officiating high school soccer games last week and was the center ref for a Junior Varsity boys game. No pain, I had a lot of starts, stops, and sprints. I think I am back!

I officiate two junior high games tommorrow night, and will head to Austin for a conference starting wednesday. I plan to do some running around the town and to visit RunTex, which I am told is an awesome running store.

By the way, I received my Asics Myles tights late last week. As soon as I get them, the weather warms up. Go figure. But they fit great, and feel nice. I wore them around the house and the kids gave me a few looks, but they’ll get over it. I’ll just tell them they are Ninja pants!


  1. I got tights, too – and then it got hot. Ugh! I got them for marathon day, specifically.Congrats on your good results. Glad you’re feeling better! 🙂

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