Miles and miles

Sorry for so long in between posts. I went to Austin last week for a conference on how to be a better Department Head. I expected 4 days of boredom, but was pleasantly surprised at how useful this stuff was. While there I had hoped to be able to take a scenic run around Austin, but my hotel was near the interstate and not in a great location for runners. So I hopped on the treadmill. That said, Austin is nice. And if you ever get a chance to go by RunTex, you will not be disappointed. This is the best running store I’ve seen. I bought an amphipod fanny pack for cell phone and camera. Some lightweight Nike running gloves, a runner ID tag for my shoes in case I die in mid-run, a cap and a pair of socks with a longhorn logo. Plus I bought a T-shirt publicizing the Austin marathon.

My running routine is accelerating. I am running mile intervals. One lap warm up walk, run a mile. Walk a lap, run a mile. Repeat until three miles are completed. No pain. So far, so good. I am aiming to run in a 5K on December 1.

Oh, before I forget. It is supposed to be cold on Friday morning when I run again. I get to break in the tights!

While I was writing this, my 6-year old came into the room and said “Bombs are hitting the house.” We have a storm coming in and the wind is knocking gobs of acorns off of two big oak trees. They are pounding the roof! This is the same 6-year old who gets mysterious stomach ailments at bedtime. Go figure. I just rub a little hydro cortisone lotion on his belly and tell him to see if that helps. He’s usually out like a light in a few minutes. The trick is to get him to close his eyes for 5 minutes. If he does that, he’s out. I can only imagine when he is a father trying to cure real ailments with hydro cortisone cream!

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  1. What a creative solution to the bedtime blues!I am glad that your running schedule is accelerating. Good for you! You’ll be back to your old self in no time!

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