Pray for Elijah

I forgot to mention. The St Jude’s marathon is fast approaching and my new blog friend Susan is running as a St Jude Hero. She gave me a bracelet that honors her commitment to raise money for St. Jude’s Research hospital on behalf of a sharp kid named Elijah. So let’s all pray for Elijah. I wanted to do this but my Achilles didn’t agree.

He is going through a rough patch. Visit his site and offer a prayer:

So, Susan, go get ’em and remember what you are running for when those miles get tough. And I’ll look at my bracelet and pray for you and for Elijah. To quote Steve Runner: “Run Long and Taper.”


  1. Thank you, Gordon. Thanks so much. Your support means a lot to me. I have about 15 days to go! I wish you could be there.

  2. You want to know another reason why Susan is a great lady? She let me know about your blog. I look forward to some great reads!

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