A month?

Wow. I haven’t posted in a month. First there was final exam week, which meant I had to grade and make sure my faculty got their grades in. Then I worked on errands and my book manuscript. Each day, I told myself I needed to post. I haven’t run much. I have been quite busy refereeing soccer games. The money for calling high school soccer games in Louisiana is pretty good, so I got a bunch of games ad paid off our Christmas bills already.

So I have run, but in a sprinting, quick turns, lateral movement way. My first “run” in a couple of weeks was two days ago. I did three miles. No Achilles pain, but my IT band was a bit bothersome, mainly due to my not stretching it and not running much.

yesterday I did two speed miles. I ran 1 mile at sub-5K pace, walked a 1/4 mile, then ran a mile at 5K pace. I didn’t want to run a lot, because I haven’t run two days in a row in sometime, except for reffing soccer games, of course.

I’ll run again tomorrow–Christmas Day–and then will try to get some runs in at Mom’s house. I guess I should have mentioned earlier that Christmas is time when we travel a bunch. I am in semi-sunny Florida right now. A good friend of mine is house sitting and feeding our animals, so we can travel with peace of mind.

We are also taking our kids to Disney World from Jan 1 to 7th, so I will not run at all that week, but I will walk a great deal. I’ll probably drop a few pounds just during that week alone. I know I did last year. That was right after we discovered my high BP, so I was avoiding fried foods, eating mostly salads and wraps at Disney World. I dropped 6 pounds that week. It has been said that one can walk upwards of 7-12 miles a day at Disney World. I believe it.

Hope you all have a great holiday season.


  1. Time flies!!!I have been taking December at a rather leisurely pace. I need to only accomplish 8.9 more miles to make it to 900 this year. If I get those while strolling along with my husband, so be it!Sounds like you’re about to take on “The Disney Diet.” What a concept!

  2. Disney sounds like fun next week!!!! Hope it isn’t too crowded and you enjoy the slower miles! As you walk around the world showcase at Epcot or down Mainstreet USA in the Magic Kingdom, imagine running it!

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