My new milestone: 10.

Did ten for the first time in my life today. This is certainly a milestone for this 40 year old man. I was slightly nervous going into the day and didn’t have the best of runs, but I finished it and feel pretty good about myself. To be sure, the last two miles were hard. I had energy, but my legs were talking to me–cursing me, really. After about 9 miles I found that I was giving myself those little pep talks you hear a lot of people mention–or fitness instructors bark–such as: “Anyone can run one mile. That’s all you have is one mile.” But no one ever finished the thought. Sure, anyone can slog out one mile. But can anyone tough out one mile after just running nine?! That’s the issue. Well, I got through it, anyway, in 2:11.

Ten more next Sunday before moving up to 12. I had my Camelbak hydration pack with me this morning, mainly because I really hate hiding bottles of water along my course, like so many Easter eggs. Knowing my luck, some dog on a morning walk will find my bottle and water it himself, giving me a nice surprise when I find it. The Camelbak allowed me to sip about 30 ounces of water along the run, and it certainly helped. Also, if you take Clif Shot Bloks with you on a run, do be advised that in cold weather they really firm up. So don’t go chewing right into them during your run or you’ll find yourself coughing and spitting and hacking along the road, which might cause people to think you are some smoker out trying to get exercise, or worse yet, some newbie runner who overdid it. No, let them heat up in your cheek and treat them like a Jolly Rancher or some other hard candy.


  1. Congrats on making 10 miles!!!! You are well on your journey to Disney 🙂Someday you will look back on 10 miles and wonder why it was so hard. It is all relative, isn’t it?Run strong!

  2. Great job on the ten miles! I remember telling myself “anyone can run one mile” during the final mile of my 1/2 marathon two weeks ago.Way to go getting it done!

  3. Found you while surfing the net. Belong to a large group of female runners & 1 token male in Ruston. We have collectively done several marathons including Disney. It was one of the best! Lots of concrete-so toughen those legs up for that. It’s not too bad when you keep adding just 1 mile at a time! That 10 mile base is all important-so you are on your way!

  4. your shot blok part made me laugh.. happened to me…since i’m running in Canada, outside during winter, i’m trying to find more creative ways to tolerate gels, since the texture really gets to me. congrats on your 10! i’m running in my first 1/2 on sunday, so I’m feeling your same sense of accomplishment. Good luck with your goal of Disney 🙂

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