Oh, the humidity!

Regular Sunday long run today. Plan called for a 5 mile run. I set out at 7 a.m. and immediately felt it. 78 degrees (f) and 89% humidity at 7 a.m. Summer has arrived early in Louisiana. I felt much like the cow above.

The great news is that I ran 5 miles for the first time since the half marathon and I felt no pain in the IT bands. So, I think I am all healed. I ran 5 in an hour. This is a little quicker pace than previous training. I am trying to work in one tempo run per week and it is already paying forward. I felt like I was creeping along, but often found my pace under 12 min/mile. I know this seems slow to many of you, but for a plodder like me, it is an improvement.

I have concluded that I have to get off the roads. I need to run more on grassy surfaces, like the levies and golf courses nearby. I must buffer my joints and hips with softer surfaces.

We took the kids out to an old-style Louisiana restaurant last night in Enterprise, Louisiana. To get there we drove about 40 miles South of Monroe, then crossed the Duty Ferry cross the Ouachita River. It was a blast and the kids loved the ferry. There’s a pic below.

Like I said, this was a country establishment–real close to nature. Here is a king snake enjoying a rat snake.


  1. Running without the camber in the road is so important when you suffer from ITB problems and I do think off-road running makes your ankles stronger and your whole legs less injury prone.. Having said that I always run off-road and am still suffering. Still – I might have suffered worse!

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