Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

My friend, Lisa, who is writing my training plan, also is a kiniesiologist and in the past ran a testing lab. So she hooked me up for an ECG and a VO2 test. We determined my max HR and more important, my Vo2 number. I only lasted on the machine from hell for about 11 or 12 minutes before succumbing. The worst part of it was that neoprene mask I am wearing, which measures oxygen intake and CO2 output, was horrible. It got really hot and felt like I couldn’t get enought air–borderline claustrophobic.

As soon as I cried no mas, I felt I should have tried for longer. Anyway, my VO2 number is 40.2. Lisa tells me that for a 41 year old male, the predicted rate is 35. So I am in good shape in that regard. My ECG was clear, no extra beats, etc. So all is well. My body fat is 24%, most of that around the belly, which Lisa tells me is the last place for men to LOSE the weight. For men my age, the body fat should be between 15 and 19%. If my belly looks a bit larger than usual in the above image, I am wearing 12 ECG leads and a belt to keep them all attached to me as I ran. So under the shirt was a bunch of wires, etc. In short, I am pretty fit for a still-overweight 41 year old runner.


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