Sorry to be so long in between posts. But there are some major changes about to take place in my life. First, we are planning to sell our house, which means (thanks to those clutter-obsessed HGTV jerks) I have ben cleaning the &^%$#(*&^% out of my house. We rented storage space to “stage” the house and make it look bigger than its 1599 sq. feet. I am tired.

The house is almost ready to list on the market. And I am about done with the many home improvements. What makes me sad and embarrassed is that we should have been doing stuff like this while we lived here and not just when we want to sell.

On the running front, I ran 9 on Sunday in the horrible heat and humidity. Really must start long Sunday runs before dawn.
No ITBS issues, no Achilles issues. All is well on the injury front. To quote Costanza: “I’m back baby!”

Because of all this home-focused work, I found myself sleeping in for the last 2 Tuesdays. The clock went of and I turned it off and rolled over.

That’s okay. I am learning that rest is just as good as a nice run, especially after we old guys turn 40!

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  1. Moving — all I can say is ICK, my friend. But I think you know that!That is A LOT of miles in the heat. Good for you (but you’re crazy for starting so late). HA!

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