Hard to run sometimes

With the move to a new state and all the stress of selling a house, I underestimated how tired I have been lately. I had a nice 6.5 miles run on Sunday morning, but couldn’t get out of bed from Mon thru Wed to run before the hot beach sun rose. Mind you, I have been spendig a lot of time at the beach n the sun, but still have ben abe to get 8 hours sleep. It is just that my mind says yes, while the body says no.

Today, I had a great 4 miles after probably the most restful night of sleep I ‘ve had in a month. You know this type of sleep. You go to bed early, then maybe roll over and look at the clock. You feel as though you’ve slept all night, but it has only been an hour or two. Every time I rolled over and peeked at the clock, it was much earlier than I expected. So before my alarm went off this morning, I was up and running. I did 4 miles in 46 minutes, with negative splits: mile 1–12:23; Mile 2–11:45; Mile 3–10:19; Mile 4–10:27. I felt very strong at the end.

I’ll run a 3 mile tempo run tomorrow and then we travel back home from the beach on Saturday. Sunday will be my first run in our new home town.

Here is a pic of the view from my front door. I see some nice golf cart paths on the course that will make for fine running.

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