Lots of little news items this week:

1. Got tired of driving 20 minutes to buy 4 clif shots at a time, so I ordered a whole case. Saving 25 cents per pack and got free 2-day shipping from runningwarehouse.com. While I was in the ordering mood, I also bought a pair of Injinji socks, those little socks with individual toe-holes. They are supposed to increase toe comfort and cut down on blisters on long runs.

Here is a pic of the socks on my feet–after a run, sorry:

The reason I bought them, though, is that on my long runs, one of my toenails feels like the sock is tugging at the end of the nail. This happened to me last year, when I was reffing soccer. I lost a toe nail because each time a reffed or ran, the nail was pulled up ever so slightly so that after a couple of weeks, the nail was gone. So, I thought the Injinji socks would reduce the tugging, i guess. We’ll see after I run 15 next Sunday.

2. I received in the mail this week my disneyrunning.com hat. Robert, the forum admin there, ordered Headsweats hats (great running hats!) in orange and with the forum logo and slogan. Here is a pic. An awesome hat that I will wear in the disney Marathon.

My son took this pic after my morning run. (click for a larger view)

3. I am thinking of podcasting. I enjoyed doing the subkission for the extra mile. But what has held me back is I just didn’t have a hook. I didn’t think the world needed to hear me just rambling on a run. So here is my idea: the podcast would be “Running to Disney Podcast”. The format would be something like this:
a. intro thoughts and intro of topic
2. news mostly from Disney and Disney Endurance series. WDW hosts a lot of races and such. So I’d gives news about races there
3. Audio from a short week-day run, like on the extra mile podcast
4. Perhaps sharing some sort of urning tips from Runners World of coolrunning.com
5. Answering mail? If I ever got any

Any other suggestion? Does this sound viable at all?


  1. This does sound viable! However, I’d like to hear you just ramble, then maybe add a little Disney info. Just be yourself! That’s all anyone else does.Do keep us posted on the socks. I am intrigued!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog. I’m training for the Disney Half. I would be very interested in a podcast about Disney Running as I’m sure many from Robert’s site would be. I’m also interested to hear how the socks work out. Keep us posted!

  3. I’ve lost a couple toe nails early on when running marathons but haven’t in a while after switching to Wright socks and wearing bigger shoes. Hope the new socks work for you.And be sure to let me know if you do the podcasts. I’ll add them to podcasts list at EnduranceSportsBar.com

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