Gamecock Gallop and other news

Another podcast is in the works. Should be up next week. Please do give me feedback and constructive criticism on Episode 1. You can subscribe and download using the links on the right.

Ran in the Gamecock Gallop 5K yesterday. This is an event put on by my employer and brings a good crowd. Nice cool weather, about 52 and cloudy. I was slated to run 7 on Saturday so I did a 2 mile warm up, ran the 5K, then a 2 mile warm down. At this point in my training, miles are more important than speed. So I tried to run the 5 k a little faster than marathon pace. BUT, the thing I hate about 5Ks is that they mess with the mind. Speaking as a guy, I find it hard to resist “manning up” and running a faster pace than I should in the presence of much faster runners. To my dismay, no matter how much I promise myself that I won’t run faster than I should—I always run faster than I should!

It wasn’t a badly designed course, but there was a significant long hill in the middle of the race, but since it was an out and back course, that big hill became a down hill and one could make up time. What bugged me was the pain in both of my shins– that tightening of the shins that you can get when you over stride. I had it for most of the race and was cursing myself for starting out with a longer stride than I usually run. Regardless, I ran the race in just over 34 minutes and got a shirt, then did a two-mile warm down.

I ran 9 this morning and was afraid that the shin stuff my pop up once more, but I had a great run. No issues t all other than a little fatigue late in the run after I picked up my pace in mile 5. Legs felt good and strong. Weather was cool, 42 degrees before sunrise and then it heated up quickly. I had to break out the old tights once again. Looks like I’ll wear them again this week because the low looks to fall into the 30s for Monday night and Tuesday morning.


  1. Good luck at Disney…I ran it last year and really enjoyed the course. Be ready, though…I was not prepared for how hot it was going to be! I thought, c’mon…it’s January! I wore shorts and a short-sleeved shirt at the start and it stayed warm. Also be ready for the support of a lot of spectators…it was great to run on a course with so many people cheering you on!

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