Long rest

I haven’t run since Tuesday. Holiday travels and rain have killed any plans I had to sneak in a run. I had even packed a bag with all sorts of my running gear for all climates, but no go. I am taking this as an opportunity to heal up little nicks and bumps and such from my long runs and the 700 miles I have run since January!

I feel great and am actually itching to run–which i think will pay off in the next few weeks as I do the final push to the marathon. I’ll be back home tonight and will run 10 on Sunday. The the 22 mile weeks begins with speedwork on Monday and maybe snow flurries!

Podcast episode 4 is up. I finally got a second iTunes comment which had some good advice. I need to incorporate more news into the podcast. People will tire of hearing me pant and ramble all the time. Thanks for listening and for the feedback. Hope you had a productive “Black Friday.” I braved Birmingham’s biggest mall and the only way I found parking was to use the valet service. Best 8 bucks i have spent in a while.


  1. love the website – best of luck on your journey! FYI – I had trouble on iTunes with your 4th podcast, received error message. Keep em coming!

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