Why I run, Why I love Disney.

I still cry when I see this. 2006 Disney trip.


  1. I suppose your caption should have warned me, but you got me tearing up, too!I can’t wait to do something like this for my son when he’s older(although we’ll be heading to the airport instead of driving down). He’s already talking about going down for the marathon in a few weeks (yikes!).

  2. I love this video! What a great surprise!I am sure they will make a great support crew for you while you run. Looking forward to maybe meeting you before the race! 🙂

  3. This is by far the best surprise I think any parents can give their kids!!! You did a great job with that one!!! I cried too!!!

  4. This is a great Video, I wonder if my boys would be screaming for joy, or crying because they were so surprised. I wish you the best on your Disney run lots of luck.

  5. Man, guys–just watched that! I cried, too :-). Micah and Ben had a big ol’ smile on their faces- we had to watch it 2x!!Love from all here in VA!

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