Dress Rehearsal

My last long run before the taper will take place this coming Sunday (Dec 21). I plan to use this run as a full dress rehearsal: from clothes to gels to shoes, from timing to wake-up time to start-time, etc. Weather permitting, I will wear what I plan to wear at Disney (if it is at all possible to predict what the weather will do).

I skipped today’s 5 mile run, to give myself 2 days rest, just like I have planned for the marathon. I plan on going shopping for a few hours on Saturday to mimic what I will do at Disney–as I plan to join the family in the Disney Parks for half a day on Saturday then head back to the hotel. I am excited about the next few weeks. The nagging injuries I have suffered over the past few months have disappeared, my shoes are breaking in nice. [By the way, I took the insole from my Beasts and put it in my Mizuno Renegades. Brooks has a superior insole, while the Mizunos feel better on my feet during long runs. The result = nice! Feels much better.]

I’ll have a full report after the Sunday run.

I have signed up for a free phone-in line (the number is listed on the right hand column) and plan to call in along the marathon route as a way of recording parts of the race for the podcast. I also can call “twitterphone” to give updates on twitter.

I hope you are all having a great Holiday season. I wish it would snow here in Alabama. Some of my friends in the northwest and northeast, as well as the midwest, have had more snow than they want, I am afraid. Send a few inches my way, if you please.


  1. Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence, and thanks for alerting Charlie to my inquiries. It’s been incredibly challenging trying to train here in these parts. As for the fuel I think I”ll carry my own so there is no funny business with the different brands. I haven’t kept my training consistent but at least I can keep the fuel the same!

  2. Best of luck on your Disney training. I too am preparing for my first marathon ever, also the Disney marathon. Reading your blog and listening to your the extra mile posts sounded a lot like me. I am anxiously awaiting the race, but am also looking forward to it. I did a 1/2 marathon in Orlando two weekends ago and went out too fast. Have been working on keeping an even pace since then.

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