Ahhh, a week at the beach

Spring break is finally here and like most college-affiliated people, I am at the beach. Kind of ironic, really, I spend all my time surrounded by college kids and when I get some time off I head to a place where I am surrounded by college kids. The good thing is that this week is kind of early in spring break season and the condo is not overcrowded and most of the kids have been fairly well-behaved. Plus our condo is surrounded by full-time occupants, so I hear no music or partying at night.

Had a great 8 mile run today. I follow a side road across the road from the condo. With the Garmin it is very easy to set out and run until time to turn around and head back to home. I was scheduled to run 7, but I lost track of my location and had to run closer to 8 miles to get back. That’s okay. I cut back my long run last week so I needed to make up some miles. Being at rhe Gulf fof Mexico, there is no elevation, so my hill work on Wednesday will be on the big new bridge that spans the bay (I uploaded a video on runcast.tv last december when I ran the sme bridge: here’s the link: http://www.runcast.tv/video/hathaway-bridge-run-florida).

Since I’m off work for a week I plan to nap a lot more than usual, which is never.

Episode 13 of the podcast is ready for download.

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