Hammer Nutrition

I’ve used Hammer gels before, but have only purchased them from a running store. I’m running out of my Clif Shots, so I thought I’d try some hammer stuff for a change.

They usually send out some samples of their other products, this much I knew. But I didn’t know how much stuff they send. Here’s the list:

Product Usage Manual – Red
Book – Endurance Athlete’s Guide
Whey Unflavored (1 Smp)
Hammer Gel Apple-Cinnamon (1 Srv)
Hammer Gel Raspberry (1 Srv)
Hammer Gel Unflavored (1 Srv)
Endurolyte Samples (4 Cap)
HEED Lemon-Lime (1 Srv)
Recoverite Strawberry (1 Srv)
Hammer Bar Almond/Raisin
Hammer BALM (1/4 Oz)

Nice job, Hammer.


  1. Hey Gord,I’ve really been thinking about ordering some Hammer productsIf you could please let me know how they are for you – I would love the inputThanks

  2. Cool! Where did you get these samples? I have a couple races coming up that are serving that HEED sports drink and the stores I usually go to don’t have it.

  3. Just listened to your episode #20 interview and I’m so grateful that you did this! I’ve been looking for wholesome nutrition/fuel for runs because I don’t eat sugar and my endocrinologist is actually sending me out for tests for celiac. Hammer Nutrition looks like the answer and I wouldn’t have known to look at the products if it weren’t for your podcast!! Thanks so much!

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