September Numbers

I’m closing out our fiscal year at work, but will close out September for my running and fitness.

Ran 120.6 miles this month (see chart above, click to enlarge ). Lost 4 pounds.
Weight update: now weigh 216.5. When I started on July 20, I weighed 231.5. Loss of 15 pounds.
I still have 3.5 pounds to lose to meet my October 10 goal of 213. I will do my best. No promises though. I’ll take slow and steady over fast and dangerous anytime.


  1. Great job Gordon! To kick start losing those last few lbs, see if there is 1 thing in your diet that you can change. Increase your water intake, or something like that.

  2. Nice job – you are passionate, yet patient. 2 traits which often are incompatible, but will certainly serve you well.

  3. I have not “formally” congratulated you or told you how proud I am of you for all you have accomplished in the past few months. Losing weight is HARD and you are doing an amazing job. I am so happy for you. Congrats and keep up the AMAZING work! AND…your running has been reflecting how happy your body is to be shedding this weight, watch out world here comes a speedier, slimmer Gordon!!!

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