As you read last week, I was a few pounds away from meeting my overall goal of weighing 213 by October 10. I changed up my diet this week, reincorporating salads and more water (as if I could consume anymore than the 70 oz a day I already drink) and lo and behold my weight this morning was….yup, 213! I started this process (which isn’t over by a longshot) on July 20 weighing 231.5 Since then I have really changed the way I eat and what I eat. I have lost 18.5 pounds in that time and feel remarkable.

Next goal: weigh 205 pounds by December 12, the day I run the Rocket City Marathon.


  1. Yeah that is AWESOME!!! And I find it hilarious that I ran into your blog following other people's favorite lists on their blogs since I know you and my hubby yack a lot. It took two blogs to run into you.

    The Crazy Runner's wife

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