Weight update: 20.5 pounds lost since July 20

Right before we left for Disney, I reached my first goal weight of 213. I had wanted to reach that number before our trip, and found myself surprised when I stepped on the scale the day before leaving and saw the magic number. I was 1.5 pounds away from that goal in the previous week and was nervous that I wouldn’t make it.

While at Disney, I ate better than I ever have in those parks. When I could eat a salad and non-meat or non-dairy options I did so. If you are in Animal Kingdom and want a treat, eat at Tusker House. They have a great variety of African and Asian food, including multiple varieties of cous cous, hummus, tofu, and rice. Good stuff!

With all the walking and sweating we did, and factoring in my 4 runs while at the parks, I thought for sure that I’d drop a couple of pounds. But I gained a pound while at Disney, putting my weight at 214.2 on October 22. I was disappointed. This was the first negative gain in my weight loss crusade. But I chalked a lot of it to water retention because it was really warm there and I just didn’t get enough water. Plus, no matter how healthy you eat at Disney, it is quite difficult to count calories. So realize that your calorie count will increase significantly in the parks. The thing that saves us is all the walking and time on our feet. So I feel fortunate to only have gained 1 pound.
Good news is that this week I finally reached 211. My new goal is to break 200. But let’s break that into nice increments. I think I can be 207 by the time I get to the Rocket City Marathon on December 12. So let’s shoot for 204 by January 1. That is 8 weeks away. So I’ll try to lose 7 pounds in 8 weeks.
This will be a nice challenge since I will go into taper for the marathon then recovery. My miles will decrease. But what is life without a challenge?


  1. You are my hero Gordon¡ Well done, I will inspire on your effort and try to do the same: sacrifice in order to get results.
    Well done¡


  2. Way to go Gordon. A one pound gain after WDW is nothing – heck I fluctuate more than that on a day to day basis :)!

    Very proud of all you've accomplished.

    Remember to adjust your eating when you're in recovery mode since the miles will decrease and you'll do fine.

    Oh, and don't forget this time of year can be tough with the holidays so stay strong.

    I'm working towards a goal for the WDW 1/2 in Jan so I know what you're going through.

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