Product Review: Sugoi Compression Socks

A couple of months ago, I contacted several companies that dealt in compression socks for a product review. I had been curious about compression after reading tweets from fellow runners and hearing race reports on podcasts from folks who had either run in compression socks or used them for post-run recovery. I wanted to try them for myself. I contacted several companies and Sugoi was the only one that responded at all. I write a modest blog and publish a podcast with not a lot of listeners, but enough to keep me going, so I deeply appreciated Sugoi sending me a couple of pair to evaluate and review.
As you know, since August, I have been training for the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. So after every long run in this training cycle, I wore the Sugoi socks for most of the day after the run.
The Sugoi product page describes these socks thusly:

“Compression is a medically proven and tested technology for athletes. No ordinary sock, the R+R Knee High Compression Sock has performance and health benefits that promote efficiency of movement, improved muscle stability, circulation and recovery. With features like progressive support, structured cushioning at the footbed and dense cushioning at heel and toe where maximum impact occurs, the compression benefits of the R+R Knee High Compression socks can be felt in training, during a race, and in recovery. “
There was a discernible difference in how my legs felt in the post-long run period when I had the socks on versus no compression at all. The socks are snug–hence compression–and seemed to stimulate circulation. They just plain felt good to have on after a long run (10 miles or more). In my last long run for this cycle, 21 miles, I felt the difference immediately after putting them on. I mean they really felt nice. And I noticed that my calves and feet were not as sore in the 1-2 day post-run period.
How do they feel? Ever had stress in your shoulders and someone gently squeeze the shoulders, just enough to stimulate the blood in those tight muscles? Not a full-blown massage, mind you, but a gentle squeeze on a stressed and tight muscle? That’s what these socks felt like after 21 miles! I’m not sure if there is research data on the benefits of compression clothing on the body during or after runs, but at the very least, they feel good on my tired legs after a long run.


  1. Hey there- so glad that you liked the R&R socks! They are magic. Give me a shout if you would like to do any other product reviews. My name is Devon and I work at OutsidePR, the PR firm for Sugoi, Gu and GoLite.

    devon (at) outsidepr (dot) com

  2. so would you recommend them? Have you tried any other brands? I've been shopping around for compression socks or calf guards for a few months now and can't decide which one to get. At $50+ a pop i don't want to make a mistake 🙂 THANKS!
    love your logo btw

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