Busy year

This has been a busy year for my running life. In fact, this has been my most productive running year since I started this crazy passion back in the winter of 2007. I am stronger, thinner, more fulfilled, happier, and more driven because of my training and having some goals to pursue and a specific training plan to reach them.

Although I still have a few more miles to run before the year is up (I’ll start back running after this marathon recovery sometime around the 26th) my yearly totals are:
2009: 1007 miles
since April 2007: 2010 miles
Obviously, more than half my running mileage has come in this year. I’ve had a productive race schedule this year as well:
Jan.: WDW Marathon
Feb.: St. Andrews Mardi Gras 5k
April: Country Music Half Marathon
June: Rockin’ on the River 10K
Clanton Peach Run 10K
Oct.: Disney’s Race for the Taste 10K
Dec.: Rocket City Marathon
Not a bad year. Ran 2 marathons, my first three 10Ks ever, and a 5k. Not bad.
So for next year? How about another marathon, a half marathon or two, some 10ks and 5ks?


  1. Congratulations on a successful year of running! An impressive list of races, and 1K on your feet to boot. I've had “1000 running miles” on my to-do list both this year and last, but haven't made it yet due to injuries. Hoping third time's the charm.

    Thanks for the inspiration, both in your running and in your blog/podcast.

  2. Don't forget that you're going to be crazy enough to do the Goofy! 🙂

    Awesome accomplishments this year, including shaving 37 minutes off of your marathon time! WOW!! Kudos to you!

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