Downward Dog Pose–A great Yoga pose for Runners

In episode 46 I mentioned that I do yoga for part of my strecthing routine. One of the best poses for the runner is Downward Dog, or Downward Facing Dog. This link has a animated graphic that shows the proper technique for this awesome stretch.

Downward Dog Pose

Here are two more poses that are good for the hamstrings and the hips:

Triangle Pose (good for hamstrings)

Pigeon Pose (good for hips)


  1. All great poses that I like to do after a run! I also like a Pilates single leg stretch that helps stretch out the hamstrings gently.

    By the way – the marathon episode was great with all the recaps. Made me smile, tear up and relive my memories as well.

    The last episode was laugh out loud funny. I love that you were wondering if it was quiet because there was a werewolf ready to have you for a snack. That's priceless :)!

  2. Huge fan of pigeon pose here. Have you tried child's pose? I am sure that you have. It is awesome for the hammys, as well.

    Gordon, you have to try a bosu class in there is one in your area. AMAZING for the quads and balance. Plus, works your entire core. I don't lift weights unless I am on a bosu!

    Great post!

  3. Those are good. Also…any of the Warrior positions (I, II, III, reverse).

    For those who enjoy yoga, I am one who does, if you have the FIT network (I know it's part of DirecTV), there is a great 1/2 hour show called Namaste Yoga. It's on at 8:30AM every weekday. I like to DVR them and have a quick session at home. Check it out, good stuff.

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