Weight Report!!!!!

I’m on the left. June 20th. 235 lbs. or so

It has been a while since I reported on my weight loss progress. First, let me address what I’ve done. I get a lot of questions about how I’ve lost weight. I don’t consider this a diet, per se, as much as a lifestyle change. For years, well, all of my life, I’ve been a meat and potatoes guy. Starchy foods, lots of meat, snacking, etc. As I age (Will be 43 in April!), I realize that what I eat is of paramount importance if I am hopeful of living to see my wife and kids grow old. So, this summer when I started counting calories with modest goals of weight loss, I went into the process with the idea of longevity: longevity in eating habits, of life, of running.

So with the mindset that I wanted a new lifestyle, not just a diet, I entered late July with the goal of eating better foods and reducing the consumption of those foods that were not healthy for a 43 year old man to consume. For 8 weeks I used an iPhone app called “Tap & Track” to count calories with the goal of losing 1.5 pounds a week. I modified my daily calorie limits on and before those days that I ran long. After 8 weeks of counting, I had established routines for meals and discovered low calorie, but nutrient filled, foods to eat. I KNEW what I could eat and not gain. I was eating more healthful options: more salad, more veggies such as onions and mushrooms, carrots, and, yes, broccoli.
By October, I had started greatly reducing the amount of cheese and meat I consumed. This was a calorie decision mainly since meat and cheese were so high in calories that I could enjoy other, and more, food if I eliminated them. Plus, the cholesterol in meat and cheese just wasn’t there in carrots, for example!
The weight came off fast at first, and I would plateau every few weeks. But then it would start falling again. Slow and steady wins the lifestyle and life race, so I tried to have small losses or hold steady each week. Sure, there were weeks where I was heavier after days in which I consumed too much sodium, after long runs when the body was rebuilding, and after the Rocket City Marathon when I was in recovery mode.
What’s strange is that foods I never considered eating all the sudden became tasteful to me. Take broccoli. NEVER would you have convinced me to ingest that vile green stuff before July. Now, I eat it every day on a salad, RAW! Odd stuff. My whole nutritional outlook has changed and I am eating a more plant-based diet while eliminating meat and cheese altogether. My cholesterol is 50 points lower than a year ago, and my doctor has cut my blood pressure meds in half! My running has thrived as I no longer carry unneeded and damaging pounds on my body. Friends and family notice the change, which makes me want to be even better to my body, for them.
So what you ask is my weight now?
Well, I weighed this week and found that I am now at a weight I have not been at since 1986! I bought clothes last weekend in a waist size (38) I’ve not been able to wear since 1987!
I now weigh 189.5!
July starting weight: 231.5
Total loss (so far): 42 pounds!!!!!
On March 6, 193.5 lbs
Thank YOU for your support, your encouragement, your advice, your cheers. I couldn’t have done any of this without my friends who read this blog, listen to the show, follow me on twitter, engage me on Facebook. The congratulations go to you. So do the thanks.


  1. I am so impressed. It looks like you've really found a lifestyle that agrees with you. Awesome weightloss nombers and your races lately have been awesome. Next -you're going to BQ!!!

  2. Lifestyle changes, not diet, is the way to go! Congrats and thank you for sharing your journey with others- very inspiring!

  3. Gordon, Great blog! I stumbled upon it while searching for some info on the Goofy Race and a half. I wish I would have found it sooner. I've often thought about writing about my running / weight challenges since I enjoy reading others for inspiration.

    I am 46 years old and I have been running on and off (quite a bit off) since 2005. I was training for the 2006 Disney Marathon when a family crisis messed up my training and then I got pretty sick in December. My wife and I still went to Disney as we really like it but much to my disappointment I didn't run. From then until last fall my running life went in spurts, but never really progressed as I wished.

    With the support of my wonderful wife we have chosen to eat and exercise consistently since last October. We chose different paths to get there, but we have both lost over 40lbs. My running passion kicked back in and I decided to run to help lose weight as well as lose weight to run better. Last fall I peaked at just over 248lbs and now am consistently less then 203. I am going to try and get below 185.

    My wife doesn't run. She has told me over and over she hates it. But she does like Disney. We took our kids when they were younger a number of times. She forwarded me an email from Disney that mentioned the Goofy race, and we were talking about it and she said she would run the 5K if I did the Goofy Race and a half. I've never done a Marathon, but I have had a handful of 20+ mile training runs in 2005 / 2007 so I am not unfamiliar with the challenges.

    My fairly loose plan is to run 2 legs (9.7 miles) of the 10 leg 44 mile Brew to Brew relay here in Kansas City in a couple weeks and thne run the Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon in June. Then this summer I will pick a local or regional Marathon for the fall and then focus on Goofy. I may throw in another 1/2 marathon or two before this fall.

    Ambitious goals, but I will need some accountability,

    John S.

  4. just stumbled onto your blog tonight. I try to seriously limit my dairy and meat intake and feel so much better because of it!

    Ran my first half marathon last weekend! It was awesome! I may be hooked. Stop by my blog and see the post I did on it today if you have time!

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