First VFF run!!

Ran a mile in my VFFs (KSOs) yesterday afternon. Ran with my 11-yr old as we prep him to run/walk a 5K on Saturday night. Interesting experience. Feeling the road underfoot is really kinda cool, and the adjustment is not as dificult as I expected. Of course, I only went a mile and will take this very slow (by the way, Ive been wearing these things EVERYWHERE, so I’m accustomed to them somewhat).
The lack of cushioning really makes me pay very close attention to foot strike. I found myself striking mid- to-forefoot. And although we ran slow (11-12 min pace) I see how running faster makes the forefoot strike easier and more effective. I also found myself paying close attention to posture. Wonder if anyone else has felt this. Running in the VFFs made me feel like I should run with better posture, more upright. Can’t describe it. I guess by running at that foot-strike and stride and all, I felt like i had a better center of gravity. Hmm. Dunno.
Looking forward to another mile in them soon. Goal is to race a 5K in August while wearing them


  1. They are very interesting and I've heard good things about barefoot running, but I like the idea of something on my feet a lot better.

    I'll be interested to see how you progress in them.

  2. I started running with five fingers several months ago, and I absolutely love them! I had the same experience that it sounds like you're having, where the first few runs you find yourself adjusting footstrike and posture all the time- which is probably good. If you're doing something wrong, you feel it right away and are forced to self-correct. It took maybe a month for me to transition into them, and now I won't run with anything else! The last time I wore my Ascis shoes, my ankle felt weird and unstable.

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