New Podcast– The Country Vegan, City Vegan Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce that I am co-host of a new podcast (no worries, Running to Disney is still in production), called “Country Vegan, City Vegan.”  My co-host is also my dear friend and running coach, Megan, the Veganrunningmom (@veganrunningmom on twitter) and host of her own show, Run Vegan Run.

The show came about after we both received an email from a fellow runner/cyclist about changes she had decided to make in her nutrition lifestyle based on my recent transformation and Megan’s wonderful, open and nonjudgemental style.  In my transition to Veganism, Megan has been a guru of sorts, answering all sorts of questions and serving as a mentor as I adopt a new lifestyle.  We decided that it would be a lot of fun to produce a monthly show where we get together and compare notes on what it is like to be a Vegan in my small southern town, and in her big city.  Thus the title: Country Vegan, City Vegan.

The show will be in iTunes soon, but can be found directly on the Podbean site at this link:

Country Vegan City Vegan Podcast.


Voice Mail: 206-203-1717

Email:  thecountryvegan (at) gmail (dotcom), and thecityvegan (at) gmail (dotcom)

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