Ep. 67: Childhood is Fleeting

Gordon doesn’t talk a lot about running. He discusses the nature of childhood and the bittersweet nature of being a parent. He talks about HIS LIFE. All this in light of viewing Toy Story 3 over the weekend. He gets a great voice mail from Carrie R. And he explains his new intro
Here is the video I spoke about on the show.  Brings me to tears even now.  The older child, Preston, is now 11, and younger one, Hudson, is now 9. At that time they were 4  and 2.  


  1. So cute video! Aren't all kids the same…? I just discovered the site, and reading older posts.. I enjoyed going through it and will visit you again soon! I started to run this spring and I hope I'll make it a habit. Nice day! Ana V.

  2. Enjoy your boys while you can and diligently train them to be the men that they were meant to be. I can tell you that it is worth it.

    My two – a son and daughter – are adults now. My son is now a Captain in the Army (a JAG lawyer) serving in Iraq and my daughter is now finishing her Ph.D. in meteorology. It was a privilege to train them to be adults and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed their childhood with them. These days we rejoice at their accomplishments. We are now looking forward to the next adventure – being grandparents!

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