Mountain Lakes Sprint Triathlon

Full report to come, but here are a few images from the race on Saturday. My FIRST Triathlon!


  1. Those are great pictures. Sure looks like you were having a good time. Glad you had such a great experience with your first tri – here's to many more to come!

  2. Great job, Gordon! I got a little behind on the podcasts this spring (that whole childbirth thing, you know!) so I just listened this week to the one where you said you signed up. My first thought was “Did he have any idea how warm that water was going to be???” Mr. Andi did that tri a few years ago (his one and only – he was recruited for the swim for a team) and that was his only complaint. He wanted me to do a team tri with him last September down here on the coast, but he didn't bring it up until two days ahead of time, LOL!

    Congratulations and welcome back to my runs! See you in January!

  3. Mountain Lakes Sprint Triathlon looks very challenging and exciting too. The pictures seems everybody is determine to reach the finish line.

  4. Hi Gordon! I am a new listener over the last 2 monthes – new runner. I really enjoy it! You and An Extra Mile accompany me on my long run! I am going to go research your blog to learn more about what you did when you were injured. I somehow strained my ankle on my 11 miler a week ago and it's buggin' me! You look great and what a performance on your tri!! Great job!

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